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Crafting of The Great Resume
This is the resume you hit the
streets with. It's general in
scope and used to hand out
at job fairs and post to job
boards and social media
Crafting of The Greatest
Resume (Resume Tailoring)
This is the resume that is
tailored in an honest way to
meet the needs of the job to
which you are applying. It's
specific in scope and used to
submit to specific jobs.
Letter of Cover
Also called a Cover Letter.
This is a one page summary
of your skill set and an
explanation to why you are
the best candidate for the
Resume Touch-up (Existing
This is a touch-up of your
previous resume that we
created. We consult with you
to examine the most important
details of your previous
position and integrate those
details into a new Great
LinkedIn Overhaul
This is an examination of your
LinkedIn Social Media
Account. Once examined,
recommendations will be
made to optimize your
LinkedIn account
Job Search Consulting
We are here for you! Our
consulting services will assist
you greatly on your job
search. You will learn at a
professional level, the full
spectrum of winning
employment. From creating
the Great Resume to creating
the Greatest Resume to
where and how to submit your
resume to preparing for the
$49.99 Per Hour
Our Resume Crafting Services....
                                 At a Glance....
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would like. As you will see within our
'Order Services' section, we also
value based set packages. Our set packages are designed to
provide the greatest cost value to you. Click on the
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